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Kaknüs, is a mythological bird that lived for a long time and after it’s death is reborn from the ashes of its funeral pyre. In Eastern mythology and literature, it is said that music was derived from the sound of Kaknüs. It is also synonymous with the mythological Phoenix. The band with 7 musicians plays songs from Turkey, Greece, Middle East, Andalusia, Crimea with eastern and western instruments like saxophone, piano, ud, ney.

Alev Ergen: contrabass, Vocal Burak Malçok: ney,  Ceren Özkarataş: vocal, Ceyhun Kaya: saxophone, Gökhan Karcebaş: violoncello, tambur,  Mamed Cafarov: piano, acordeon, arrangement, Onur Seçki: percussion

Kaknüs – Kayadan İndim Bugün

Kaknüs – Bahçe Duvarından Aştım

Kaknüs – Asfur


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Kaknüs Ensemble

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