Istanbul Dance Ensemble

Istanbul Dance Ensemble (IDE) has been performing traditional and contemporary choreographies for over ten years. Besides performing in festivals and cultural organizations, IDE prepares special performances for gala events, conferences or private activities. The performances can be with or without a live music group depending on the client’s budget and also the choreography. Please contact[.....]

Nefes Projects

Nefes Projects is a production and management company in the field of performing arts. Nefes (means “breath” in Turkish) produces, manages and stages mainly music and dance projects. Video and documentary productions, booking, recording and producing customised show concepts are also in the Nefes portfolio. This post is also available in: Turkish


Kaknüs, is a mythological bird that lived for a long time and after it’s death is reborn from the ashes of its funeral pyre. In Eastern mythology and literature, it is said that music was derived from the sound of Kaknüs. It is also synonymous with the mythological Phoenix. The band with 7 musicians plays[.....]

Entertainment Events

With the collaboration of choreographers, musical directors, dancers, musicians, dj’s and other type of artists we prepare and perform entertainment and artistic shows for openings, gala dinners, bespoke wedding ceremonies, parties and the like. This post is also available in: Turkish

Love- a creative approach to sufism

Love – “a creative approach to Sufism” is project with over thirty Dervishes and musicians directed by Mamed Cafarov and Murat Dağlı. The ensemble has performed Sufi ceremonies in Turkey and abroad for 15 years. Focusing on the rich Sufi culture spanning eight centuries, this project created a unique form of performance by synthesising Sufi[.....]

Drom / Galata

Choreographer and dancer Cristiane Azem collaborates with Nefes and IDE for her international projects. Critstiane is an artist who has been greatly inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish, Turkish and other eastern cultures. With her Madrid based dance company Fenicia, she has staged her main shows Drom, Galata and Night in Spain and Turkey. This post is[.....]

Swing Alaturka, Yekpare ve Diğer Gruplar

Swing Alaturca, aranjör ve piyanist Mamed Cafarov’un swing ve kalsik Türk müziğini harmanladığı bir projedir. Yekpare; Burak Malçok ve Serkan Alkan’ın tasavvufu electronikle harmanladığı bir projedir. Yekpare Balchik final from Yekpare on Vimeo. This post is also available in: Turkish

Cem Nar Gyspy Band

Violin artist / music director Cem Nar and his gypsy team play Turkish and world gypsy songs in the performances with or without Roman dancers. The group also combines gypsy music with classic, jazz or swing styles. Swing Alaturca…. Swing Alaturca is a project of arranger/piano and accordion artist Mamed Cafarov that combines swing with[.....]

Turkish Dances

Istanbul Dance Ensemble presents the best traditional turkish dances for corporate events, festivals and other types of activities. Halay, Horon, Kafkas, Belly dance and zeybek are some of the folk dances from Turkey. If you are interested to book a turkish dance show for your event, please do not hesitate to contact us. This post[.....]